Enthralled to Meet You

Someone once told me that the best way to make new friends is to give reasons why I consider myself a person worth making friends with. So here goes my relentless attempt.

1. I laugh at very dumb jokes.

Key word: LAUGH. I do not giggle demurely or snicker with my hand over my mouth like a teenager engaged in juicy gossip. I do not titter either. I open my mouth and like a hefty African woman with little regard for serenity, I splurge rotund bellows of infectious laughter over a  five kilometer radius.

DISCLAIMER: I enjoy intellectual jokes as well, but every single time, I catch myself smiling at them rather than actually laughing.  No idea why.

2. I love to read and write.

Everything from Neil Gaiman to Chimamanda Adichie is fascinating to me. I however find hardcore fantasy novels and graphic novels more difficult to digest. Maybe its because they don’t resonate too deeply with me. They tend to make a grand entrance into my soul, say hello to old friends, then leave before the master of the ball arrives. Young adult, historical fiction and non-political non-fiction are my darlings. They last to the end of the party and engrave their images into my memory forever.

DISCLAIMER: I am willing to try reading the genres I have expressed distaste towards. However, be warned warrior!!! It will take a lot of time and energy.

3. I am a foodie.

Trying out new dishes and recipes is an amazing experience. I also get strange food cravings, so you’d best be prepared to go deep fried tilapia hunting with me way past midnight.

4. Discover.

To learn more about this hard-boiled Kenyan woman, drop me a line or two. Looking forward to reading from you.



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