What’s great about February?

Well, a lot actually. First, the weather is pretty neat for weddings and that means I’m enjoying being in the field this time of year. My job can get pretty dull in the cold months because apart from the pinch in my bones, newlyweds seem so happy that I tend to feel rather empty. It’s a dreadful feeling.

Secondly, It’s the month of love and with it comes a strange excitement. Said excitement usually leaves me super spent by night time and that means when I sleep, I sleep like a baby.

Most importantly, this is the one month when I appreciate my reading slump. Because of the above slump, I have been able to explore new things. For instance, I have picked up French, selfies and collage-making.

La semaine prochaine nous parlerons plus! Hopefully my reader’s block will fade before the short rains begin late March. Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn. That’s what I’ll be up to. That and lots of coffee.


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