On Bearing and Direction

mother daughter

“Your looks will not remain with you for life. But your bearing will go with you to the grave Elizabeth.”- Yellow Crocus by Laila Ibrahim.

Truth be told, “bearing” is not so adored today. You’re literally considered a fossil in this century if you happen to be proper, kind and well-covered up. Especially when television is soaked in countless Mileys running around naked with their tongues hanging out and the like.

Pop culture is shaping our generation is ways our predecessors would never have imagined. The internet isn’t helping much either. The result: a money minded society without regard for values and spirituality. We have become robots, building an appealing physical image that blinds from the filth we hide inside.

I had years like that too, always depending on peers and trends to guide my personality. But I’m trying to stop that and to focus on what really counts and that’s who I am inside. That said, Elizabeth’s mom deserves shiny confetti thrown over her head for enlightening her daughter on the power of bearing.

The ripple effect is that I don’t have to worry about what I’ll say to my daughter when she goes off to campus. “Bearing darling, bearing. That’s all you need to make your dreams come true.”


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